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If you don't know this band yet, you should definitely check it out. Cirrhosis came from the same..
Clandestine Blaze on Northern Heritage Productions ..
Finally re-press of 4th album! Black metal. 12 pages booklet. in jewelbox. Northern Heritage ..
2010 album of Clandestine Blaze underlines the core of black metal as it has been interpreted by it...
  Coffin Texts is back! After releasing their cult debut titled "Gods of Creation, Death..
On their 3rd album Tokyo's Coffins are firmly established as the underground's leading purveyors ..
  This is an all new EP of the Japanese Death Metal band Coffins, with a run time of 28 ..
Originally released in 2010 on CD by Proselytism records and released for the first time on vinyl..
Brand new album delivered by these merciless bone-breakers hailing from Torino, Northern Italy. C..
After pummeling listeners with 2011's "The Dagger and the Chalice," Finland's Corpsessed is back ..
he most complete, detailed, exhaustive and done-with-heart CRASH BOX discography ever released, put ..
Comes with gatefold jacket, A2 poster and download code. London’s premium metal force Craven ..
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