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- 300gsm Jacket With Matt Varnish & Inside Flooded In Black - 140g Black Vinyl - Limi..
OUT NOW! Most metal fucks missed this while the punks bought the first pressing on Get Revenge Re..
After 4 years of missing in action, EVIL ARMY return to continue their mission of exterminating a..
British Heavy Metal from Winnipeg, Evil Survives delivers a pummelling 11 min EP. This record wil..
Old school metal reminiscint of early Maiden. Picking up where Powerslave left off, Metal Vengean..
Prepare to be toxified by an album oozing NWOBHM, scarred by thrash, and tormented by the jealous..
If one has to think back of classic 80s Swiss Thrash Metal, EXCRUCIATION is hands down one of the..
Expulser is a Death/Black Metal band started in the small city of Lavras in the countryside of th..
NOW SHIPPING! Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the reissue of The Unholy One, the debut ..
Originally released in 1987, Exterminator’s Total Extermination is an interesting album having be..
New Orleans' Sludgecore lords EHG team up with Boston's sickest grinding Hardcore veterans Psycho..
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