Sarcofago - Die Hard - T-shirt

Record Label: Greyhaze Records
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Late in 2017, Greyhaze Records received the artwork files for a long-awaited collaboration between the Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak and the one and only Sarcófago. The artwork was to be used for the confection of a limited-edition slipcase for the massive, 2xLP version of the only official Sarcófago demos collection entitled Die…Hard!!!. The artwork depicted an iconic theme from Sarcofago’s earliest years: the Satanic Lust demo cover. As was to be expected, the artwork generated very positive feedback and Greyhaze received many requests for said artwork to be put into a t-shirt.

As such, following the Die…Hard!!! slipcase release, Greyhaze Records is now issuing an official t-shirt featuring the Bielak artwork as it was depicted in the slipcase. The back of the shirt features the album title: DIE…HARD!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: Sarcófago has been criminally bootlegged over the years and we appreciate you buying this t-shirt, which is the ONLY officially sanctioned piece of merchandise for the Die…Hard!!! Album. Say no to bootleggers!