Deiphago - Ampütator - Split EP

Record Label: Greyhaze Records
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War Metal misanthropes Ampütator join forces with Philipino bestial horde Deiphago to unleash carbonizing hellfire via this long-awaited self-titled split vinyl EP. Released by Florida's Greyhaze Records with the support of Darkness Attack Records, the album showcases both bands at their most barbaric and raw moments. Deiphago contributes three crude renderings of songs of their demo Lucifer Alpha Omega. That demo contained songs that would eventually make their way into the band's full-length Satan Alpha Omega. Ampütator, in turn, brings two previously unreleased tracks following the band’s previous offerings of absolutely misanthropic, unapologetic and deafening noise. As is common with Greyhaze Records releases, all tracks are mastered for pristine clarity and power, while at the same time carefully honoring their original dynamics and savagery. Available in black vinyl or coke bottle clear vinyl. Vinyl includes an over-sized poster. Also available on cassette.

Track Listing:

Side A - Deiphago

1- Plague and Satan Triumphant

2- Heretic oath

3- Human Race Absolute End

Side B - Ampütator

1- Impurity Decree

2 - Bitch of Gonorheal Worship