Nervochaos - To The Death - CD

Record Label: Greyhaze Records
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Pure Death Metal. This album from Brazilian veterans Nervochaos will not disappoint. A very solid release, To The Death shows the band in its finest moment. Album artwork is handled by Joe Petagno (Motorhead, etc.). This limited CD version includes a patch and sticker.


1 Mark of The Beast 
2 Sheep Amongst Wolves 
3 Your World”s Trend 
4 Gospel of Judas 
5 The Exile 
6 To The Death 
7 Hate 
8 Smoking Mortal Remains 
9 Mind Under Siege 
10 Delusions and Lies 
11 Destroyer of Worlds 
12 Warlords Unbound 
13 Wolves Curse

Style: Death/Thrash Metal 
Format: CD 
Label: Greyhaze/Cogumelo (Import)