Sextrash - Sexual Carnage - Digipak CD

Record Label: Greyhaze Records
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Cult Blackened Death Metal from Brazil, released in 1990, featuring D.D. Crazy formerly of Sarcofago. This is truly a classic and highly influential to many bands in Brazil and abroad, putting the band amongst the most radical in the Brazilian metal scene. This CD-reissue on Greyhaze Records includes the long out of print 1989 EP XXX as bonus tracks, as well as early demo material. This new version comes housed in a 6-panel digipak and features a 12-page booklet with photos of the band taken from the same session that generated the album cover photo. Beyond essential Black/Death Metal Brazilian filth.


1- Intro 
2- Psychoneurosis 
3- Delirium Tremens 
4- The Insatiable Pleasure of Delight 
5- Seduced By Evil 
6- Alcoholic Mosh 
7- Obscene Symphony 
8- Black Church 
9- Night Pigs 
10- Genital Tumor 
11- Intro-End 
12- Jack The Ripper 
13- Sadistic Screams 
14- Extreme Noise Terror 
15- Intro (Penetration) 
16- Satanas


Format: Digipak CD 
Genre:Black/Death Metal 
Label: Greyhaze