Absu - Absu - Picture LP

Record Label: Hammerheart
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The return of a legend!
Absu are a legendary band playing thrashing black metal, coming from Texas, U.S.A. Their music on first listen could be described as a cross between Slayer, Possessed and Mayhem. When a band crushes together these bands any extreme Metal fan immediately wants to take notice, because it will most probably be a masterpiece.
Luckily this album is perfect. Every single song is a great mash up between old-school thrash (especially the first three Slayer albums) and the masterpieces of the old and new black metal bands. It’s fast, intense and the drumming is some of the best I’ve heard in my life.
Drummer Proscriptor tried out for Slayer and would’ve got the job if Lombardo didn’t rejoin. The vocals are killer and impressive that Procsriptor can drum like a centurion from hell and make one of the more impressive black metal rasps in recent memory. After repeated listening the riffs are catchy, making this another masterpiece.
The guest list on this album is nice: Ashmedi (Melechesh), Blasphemer (Mayhem/Aura Noir), Nornagest (Enthroned) and Vorskaath (Zemial) make an appearance.
This is a very limited, 500 copies only worldwide, picture-disc, in a sleeve with insert sheet and with the full artwork exploited, high quality in production and soon a highly sought after collectors item!
For fans of: Slayer, Melechesh, Nile, Mayhem, Destroyer 666, Aura Noir, Emperor