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In 1989 ENERGY VAMPIRES rose out of the ashes of the cult legendary US Metal band SLAUTER XSTROYES whom I happen to think are one of the greatest metal bands ever. The only member from SLAUTER XSTROYES to form this band was lead vocalist Jonathon Stewart, which to me is still one of the best vocalists ever. Infact, he's right up there with legandary voices such as Rob Halford and King Diamond, if not better. The music is very much a continuation of legendary SLAUTER XSTROYES sound and even 2 songs from the SLAUTER days were re-recorded on this album. This was originally only released as a tape of 500 copies back in the early 90's. You can check out some great videos of them on Absolutely essential album with bonus tracks. One of the bonus songs was just recently finished in 2007 as an extra treat for you and me! Both CD and LP versions will have some of the most amazing band photos I've ever seen. Artwork done by the well respected Dimitar, highlighting the definition of an ENERGY VAMPIRE.
1. Packin' a Pistol
2. Blood Money
3. Pull The Stake Out
4. Rock 'N' Roll
5. Battle Axe
6. Different From The Rest
7. Laboratory Door
8. Footsteps In The Snow (On With The Show)
9. Mother Fucker
10. Shock Treatment
11. Broken Winged Angel
12. My Eyes (Piano Version)
13. Livin' In Peace
14. On The Run
15. My Eyes (Acoustic/Rock Version)