ARGUS - S/T -CD - 2009

Record Label: Shadow Kingdom
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With those of you familiar with Butch era PENANCE (USA Classic Doom), you already know how great his vocals are and those of you who aren't will learn soon. ARGUS, a new and hungry band from the USA are very well versed with the Maryland Doom Metal and Epic Heavy Metal scene. They released a very well written Demo in 2007 on John Brenner's Bland Hand Records as a download. For those of you that loved the Demo like I did, this is what you would expect their full length to sound and then some! THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG fans are going to go absolutely nuts over this album for the sheer volume of twin axe guitar shredding alone!! There are a lot of catchy, layered riffs on top of many hooks and sing a long choruses. On top of all these well-written Epic songs, there are TROUBLE-eque Doom Metal break downs to die for feathered throughout the album. Shall I say 'instant classic'? That's for you to decide. Look for them to release a 10' EP on one of my favorite labels, The Miskatonic Foundation in the near future as well.
1. Devils, Devils
2. Bending Time
3. From Darkness...Light
4. Eternity (Beyond, Part I)
5. None Shall Know The Hour
6. The Damnation Of John Faustus
7. The Effigy Is Real
8. The Outsider
9. Oblivion (Beyond, Part II) *
10. Phantom Of The Opera *
* Bonus tracks included on the VINYL ONLY.