Raw Power - Screams from the Gutter - Digipak CD

Record Label: FOAD Records
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Many of you will agree that this is the finest Italian HC offering ever made and easily one of the 10 world's best Hardcore records of the 80s.. over 40.000 copies sold and still sounding fresh and up-to-date even when compared to modern HC standards. FOAD's treatment for this all time colossus includes a deluxe digipack with booklet including lyrics and rare/unreleased photos + a scrupolous mastering that respects in detail the original reel’s sound leaving full breathe and dynamics to its original impact and (raw) power! 17 gems of intense, no-frills HC with a bombastic drummer, fantastic guitar riffs and angry vocals. It's a difficult comparison with their other early output - You Are The Victim and the excellent material released by BCT - but after all "Screams From The Gutter" marks Raw Power's peak due to its superior production. The band's simple yet instantly memorable riffs bring to mind Black Flag, but also earlier groups like the Who, AC/DC, and of course, the Stooges. Throw in some cool harmonics, rockin' solos, a cowbell, and a guitar player with hell-shriek vocals, a fucking huge afro and pointy shoes, and you have this flawless classic!!