Yacopsae - Einstweilige Vernichtung - LP - Boy Edition

Record Label: FOAD Records
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Official FOAD Records' reissue of YACOPSAE's 39 song ultrablasting full length that came out in 2000 on the highly missed Slap A Ham Records, mother label of the best PowerViolence records of all times. Due to a bizarre request of the band, we had to release this as "Boy edition" (450 copies) with baby blue vinyl, cover and inner sleeve - "Girl edition" (450 copies) with lady pink vinyl, cover and inner sleeve - "Black edition" (100 copies) with black vinyl, black print on black gatefold cover (handnumbered) and black paper bag. Musically this is one of the fastest records in the history of HC, YACOPSAE's turbo-charged PowerViolence/Thrash is a model of precision and accuracy. Whereas most fastcore has an impact like a clusterbomb, YACOPSAE are more like a laser guided weapon used for surgical strikes. Every one of the 39 songbursts on this album is like a kick in the groin - short and violent, but forged to leave a lasting impression. If you thought the evolution of power violence was inevitably leading towards mathcore or screamo, then think again sucka because YACOPSAE is the zenith of the species. This album was hands down one of the greatest releases on Slap A Ham ever. It punches you straight in the face from start to end with restless speed, hyperblasting manic fast blastbeats and impossible stop and go's. FAST FAST FAST!