Necrodeath & Schizo - Mondo Cane - Project One CD

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BLASTING THRASH!! official re-issue of “Mondocane: project one” (1989), a late 80s hyper-thrashing combo formed by half early Necrodeath and half Schizo “Main frame collapse” era members to deliver 10 whiplashes of rapid fire Thrash-core uniting the bands' peculiar style to a basic S.O.D. flavoured imprint. “Mondocane” has been entirely restored and remastered at Toxic Basement Studios and restyled/repackaged in an elegant digipack sleeve with unreleased photos from the 1989 studio session. If you are a fan of these two bands' early outputs (above all Necrodeath's "Fragments of insanity" and Schizo's "Main frame collapse") and Ingo's corrosive vocal delivery then look no further.