Desalmado - Desalmado - Digipak CD

Record Label: Greyhaze Records
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Desalmado's debut full-lenght.

Following international praise of last year’s Hereditas 10″ MLP, followed by a massive European tour in addition to generous amounts of shows throughout their native Brazil over the past year, DESALMADO’s self-titled LP will see worldwide release via Greyhaze Records on July 31st. Produced by Jean Dolabella of Sepultura and mastered at West West Side, Desalmado captures the energetic, socio-politically aimed outfit’s most devastating material to date in a wholly organic fashion, with fifteen tracks of pure grind/death destruction.

1. Sem Nome 
2. Canibal Social 
3. Delirio 
4. Cegueira Santa 
5. Todos Vao Morrer 
6. Juizo Dos Fracos 
7. Sofrer, Morrer e Apodrecer 
8. Odio Instintivo Contra a Realidade 
9. Falso Profeta 
10. Herege 
11. Ceifador 
12. Penitencia e Subversao 
13. Suicidio Assistido 
14. Anticristo 
15. Cozido Para Animais (Japanische Kampfhörspiele cover)

Format: Digipak CD 
Genre: Grind/Death/Thrash 
Cat. No: ZEBU003