Cianide - Gods Of Death - CD

Record Label: Hell's Headbangers
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Formed in 1988, CIANIDE's vision was to create the heaviest Death Metal in existence... and they DID! Their 6th full-length album is yet another classic under their bullet belts! Expect no frills and no bullshit, only a continuation of the death, doom & destruction maniacs have come to expect over the last 20+ years! This Metal NEVER bends motherfuckers and always remember, CIANIDE KILLS!!!!


1) Desecration Storm, 2) Forsaken Doom, 3) Rising of the Beast, 4) Dead and Rotting, 5) Idolator, 6) Terrorstrikes, 7) The One True Death, 8) Contained and Controlled

Format: CD 
Genre: Death Metal 
Label: Hell's Headbangers