Coffins - March of Despair - CD

Record Label: Hammerheart
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This is an all new EP of the Japanese Death Metal band Coffins, with a run time of 28 minutes. A mandatory release for any Death Metal fan!
On this CD-EP Tokyo-Japan's Coffins are firmly established as the underground's leading purveyors of Neanderthal paced Doomed Death Metal. Previous albums "The Other Side Of Blasphemy” and "Mortuary In Darkness” and the classic "Buried Death” introduced Coffins's black tar dirge to an audience eager for slowpressive maniac riffs and songs dragged forth like the arms of a lumbering ape with the impact of a huge bulldozer... no escape!
Recommended if You Like: Asphyx, Hellhammer, old Entombed, Autopsy, Grave, Carnage, Nihilist, Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, old Death, Winter, Slaughter, Massacre