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The debut full length album of Kenaz is now released on CD, it is the follow up to their demo "The Wind of Terror" which was released back in 2005. Kenaz might be an obscure horde to most, but it's a band consisting of old-schoolers from the Québec underground. Nikuz from the cult label Autistiartili Records was part of Kenaz before he disappeared from the scene. Kenaz also contributed an exclusive song to the Anti-Geldof Compilation Double CD produced by Supernal Music in 2007. "Résurgence nordique" presents the band's most barbaric, hateful and pitiless material to date. It’s a convergence of all of their hatred toward this modern society and the fury of warriors from the past. Throughout the record there is a sense of vengeance and cruelty rarely expressed with such intensity. Kenaz have managed to combine the spirit of early Polish black metal scene with the fury of present-day heathen acts such as Hate Forest, Graveland or Totenburg.