Sarcofago - Decade of Decay - Digipak CD

Record Label: Cogumelo
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Available for the first time in the US, this amazing compilation album features songs from the following Sarcófago albums: INRI, Rotting, The Laws of Scourge, and Hate. Also features songs from the following demos: Satanic Lust, The Black Vomit, and Christ's Death. Reissue and remastering process overseen by Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier. 6-panel Digipak version features never-before-seen material. A must for anyone into Sarcofago/Black Metal. Over 1 hour of music!

Sarc√≥fago - Decade of Decay by greyhazerecords



Decade of Decay Track Listing: 
1. The Lost Of Innocence 
2. Orgy Of Flies 
3. Hate 
4. The God's Faeces 
5. Song For My Death 
6. Midnight Queen 
7. Screeches From The Silence 
8. Piercings 
9. Crush, Kill, Destroy 
10. Nightmare 
11. Rotting 
12. I.N.R.I. 
13. Desecration Of Virgin 
14. Recrucify 
15. The Black Vomit 
16. Satanic Lust 
17. Christ's Death 
18. The Anal Rape of God 
19. Satanas 
20. Third Slaughter

Style: Black/Death/Thrash Metal 
Format: 6-panel Digipak CD - IMPORT 
Label: Cogumelo/Greyhaze