Drowned - Belligerent I - CD

Record Label: Cogumelo / Greyhaze
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Drowned’s album “Belligerent I” is the first installment in a two-album series focusing on themes of War and total decay of Humanity. The album continues Drowned’s Death Metal approach, but this time with many nuances of traditional Heavy Metal, which makes the album’s riffs and songs truly epic. The album should please fans of Kreator, Krisiun, and latter-day Carcass.

SONG SAMPLE - Knocking on Hell's Door



01 - The Miserable End Begins 
02 - Save The Last Tyrants 
03 - United We Can Be Killers 
04 - Tomorrow Belongs To Death 
05 - The Payback Engine 
06 - All Hope Lead Us To The End 
07 - Violence Is A Profitable Trade 
08 - Blood Raid 
09 - Labels For Mass Murders 
10 - Knocking On Hell's Door 
11 - Come And Taste The Victory (2012 version) 
12 - Hell March (2012 version)

Release date: October 2, 2012 
Format: Standard CD 
Genre: Death/Thrash/ 
Label: Cogumelo/Greyhaze/Metal Soldiers