Deathhammer - Onward to the Pits - 12"

Record Label: Hell's Headbangers
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BACK IN STOCK & GOING FAST! This is the "Fire Splatter" vinyl version. Comes in a Gatefold cover with a heavy printed inner sleeve & a large A2 poster of the cover artwork. CD version also in stock! Forget trendy "party thrash" - DEATHHAMMER are here to annihilate posers with their highly anticipated second album, "Onward to the Pits." A cult name in the underground, the Norwegian duo of DEATHHAMMER skillfully honor the ancient masters with a blackened thrash attack replete divebombing leads and piercing screams and wails from the abyss. With dark and dynamic songwriting that memorably moves between blitzing surge and locomotive pulse, DEATHHAMMER will take you "Onward to the Pits"! Recommended for diehards of early SODOM, early KREATOR, VULCANO, and SABBAT (Japan)