Sore Throat - Death to Capitalist Halmshaw - 2xLP

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Solid black vinyl ltd to 300. Double LP, 129 song monstrosity collecting all ST's demos, their cult "Death to capitalist Hardcore" debut EP and an endless parade of rarities, comp. tracks and live recordings from 1987 to 1990. Old reviews used to describe Uk's Sore Throat as "beyond almost anything you've ever heard... Even Extreme Noise Terror are scared of them... as palatable as cabbage boiled in fish urine". Over 2 decades are gone but these pioneers of the most horrorific alcohol-wrecked Noisecore/Grind ever conceived on the British soil still sound as the most nihilist and unsurpassed sonic aberration one can think of, "Sore Throat are a music fan's worst nightmare". And to be able to offer their noise in the most pristine form, closer to its primordial authenticity all what you will experience on this horrendous double platter has been scrupolously acquired from the original reels and tapes and mastered for vinyl with the maniacal attention of the widely-acclaimed Toxic Basement studios, an absolute guarantee of passion and dedication for all what comes from the golden days of analog Hardcore/Thrash and Grind. Comes in a thick gatefold sleeve printed on raw, uncoated reverse-board cardboard and includes a 2-sided A2 posters with an extensive collection of rare photos, flyers, zine excerpts and reviews. "Death to capitalist Halmshaw" was previously released on a limited edition CD by China's Area Death Prod, this is the official re-issue on vinyl with 16 extra songs and a completely different/extended layout. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts of the early Grind/Noisecore era and the most extreme Britcore bands that have shaped and developed the genre. "Out of tune guitars with broken strings, unintelligible growls and smashed drum sticks"!!