Mutilator - Immortal Force

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One of the Four Horsemen stemming from the primal flame of the Warfare Noise compilation, Mutilator had in Immortal Force its full-length debut for Cogumelo Records. As with the other bands that arose from the original Warfare Noise release, Mutilator did not disappoint in its first LP. In fact they created an album that is nothing short of legendary. Recorded at JG Studios and originally released in 1987, Immortal Force shows a sound that is relentlessly punishing from the first song to the last. This is not for those seeking polished “well-produced, modern” music. Immortal Force is for those into savage and borderline out-of-control noise. The line up of Immortal Force is the same one from Warfare Noise with the exception of Silvio, who was substituted by Kleber on vocals.

The Greyhaze LP reissue of this album brings the following features:

- Restored and remastered audio

- Faithful reproduction of the original LP jacket featuring foil on the band’s logo and album title

- Original insert

- Poster

- Available in black vinyl and white vinyl

The album is also available in the following formats:

- Standard Jewel Case CD

- Test Pressing LP (10 units)

- Original 1987 Cogumelo pressing (15 units)

- Digital – Click on the Bandcamp player to purchase