Excruciation - Last Judgement - First Assault

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If one has to think back of classic 80s Swiss Thrash Metal, EXCRUCIATION is hands down one of the names forming the genre’s unholy trinity… and it would be pretty easy to realize that the other 2 are HELLHAMMER and MESSIAH. FOAD Records presents another classic Double LP housed in high-glossy, laminated gatefold cover including unreleased photos and exclusive liner notes. This special edition double LP is a deadly retrospective nightmare into the band’s rawest and earliest recordings. It starts with an incredibly remastered version of the classic “Last judgement” Mini LP originally released in 1987 by the obscure kult label CHAINSAW MURDER RECORDS (which, in its short existence brought to vinyl MESSIAH and a legendary 7″ of Chile’s Death/Thrashers PENTAGRAM!), and follows up with the entire “First assault” Demo 1986. An extensive selection of rare rehearsal and live tracks from 1985 to 1987 completes a total of 25 bursts of mayhemic Thrash. The stuff included ranges from riff oriented, evil kind of Thrash (think of early DESTRUCTION and once again, MESSIAH) to faster Thrash close to the “core” formula (on the backcover you’ll see the band members sporting D.R.I., C.O.C. and WEHRMACHT tshirts) to some darker, slow paced structures recalling the crypts of Tom G. Warrior’s bands.. what you get here is not only meant to be an extended version of the band’s cult MLP “Last judgement” but basically a complete tour revealing the roots of their sound, one of Switzerland’s most incredible Metal acts.