Necrodeath - Into the Macabre - CD/DVD

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The ULTIMATE reissue of NECRODEATH “Into the Macabre” after 25 years from its original release, in a deluxe special edition! FOAD Records has gone beyond the call of duty and the realm of the dead glorious times of 80s blackened thrash in order to offer you the ultimate reissue of this classic, in an immortal edition featuring: - audio totally reacquired from the original and seriously damaged analog reels, which have been restored, de-oxidized and cleaned for maximum thrashing assault / totally remastered to annihilate all of the previous existing editions -including our own FOAD previous reissues, making this the definitive pressing / a special CD/DVD 8 panel deluxe digipak edition with a booklet filled to the brim with rare pictures from the era / a region free DVD containing a full live from 1988 with a cult songlist from “Into the Macabre” played at raging speeds… video quality has been restored from the original Video8 tapes!! What to add about this masterpiece? a true Thrash/Death classic, with no doubt one of Italy's 5 best Thrash records of the 80ies. 8 songs of incendiary malignancy with cruel screaming vocals and hyper-speed drumming almost going blast beat! "THE CLASSIC OF ALL CLASSICS! AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE FOR ANYONE CLAIMING TO BE A SERIOUS METAL-FUCKING-HEAD!" (Alberto Penzin, SCHIZO)