Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood - 12-Inch

Record Label: Hammerheart
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Mandatory Death Metal on vinyl!
This offering from Malevolent Creation is markedly different from their other releases. Part of that can be attributed to the personnel on board _In Cold Blood”. Drummer Derik Roddy (Hate Eternal), and guitarist John Paul Soars make their first and only appearance on a Malevolent Creation album.
This was also one of Scott Burns' (Sepultura, Death, Obituary) last production jobs and it fits the whole feeling of crushing brutality we have on offer here.
Phil and J.P. crank out some nasty riffage that is bludgeoning and even catchy in places, Jason's vocals are deep and basically pissed off sounding and does utilize some higher screams but his bass is low in the mix, though his lines at the beginning of _Seven” does a great job of leading into the riff that follows. Derik shows that he did indeed have some variation in his playing before going the nonstop blastbeat bit in Hate Eternal, but he does tend to favor blasts over slower beats here. Still his work here is pretty impressive.
Song wise, _In Cold Blood” is not too varied with nearly all the songs fitting into the categories _faster” and _much faster”. The only really slow crushing number is the title track, which is also the longest song here and has a nice solo a little more than halfway through. Most of the other tracks here are warp speed or a tad slower.
With thirteen tracks on _In Cold Blood”, it can be a lot to take in, especially as there is no acoustics to give you a break from the brutality. As a whole, _In Cold Blood” clocks in at 42 minutes and change, which is perfect for this type of violence. Those of you that lean more towards pre-2000 death metal should get this, as your metal boner should be sated!
For fans of: Slayer, Sadus, Hate Eternal, Death, Sinister, early Sepultura, early Atheist