Nervochaos - The Art of Vengeance - CD/DVD

Record Label: Cogumelo / Greyhaze
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One of the hardest-working Metal bands from Brazil. Nervochaos unleashes its newest assault. The Art of Vengeance is the band’s newest offering and it shows Nervochaos at its finest and most brutal. The album is offered in a special and limited CD/DVD double-disc combo. For those into Six Feet Under, Entombed and Sarcofago.


1. The Harvest

2. For Passion not Fashion

3. The Devil’s Work

4. Betrayed

5. From Below and Not Above

6. Blood Ritual

7. Rotten Moralism

8. Shadows of Destruction

9. Ghosts of the Past

10. What is Dead May Never Die

11. The Legacy is Pain

12. Lightless


DVD – Tracklist


1- Warriors on the Road Part 2 - Documentary