Ratos de Porao - No Money No English

Record Label: FOAD Records
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Regular black vinyl pressing limited to 500 copies. "No money no English" is a breathtaking collection of 39 rare and unreleased tracks ranging from 1993 to 2005, including outtakes of Demos recorded as pre-productions of their studio albums, soundboard live recordings and a lot more. Among the many gems featured you'll face the Rats covering bands like D.R.I., SEPTIC DEATH, TURBONEGRO, ANTI CIMEX, OLHO SECO, DEAD BOYS etc, revisited ultra fast versions of early hits like "Poluicao atomica", "Novo Vietnam" and skull smashing live versions of their strongest thrash anthems like "Amazonia never more", "Atitude zero", "Children without future"... This F.O.A.D. version is the exclusive Euro pressing of this record and has 13 extra unreleased trax in addition to the previous Brazilian edition, plus a superb sound mastering made by the wizard studio for masters ending on vinyl: Toxic Basement! Plus a thick UV varnished gatefold cover including A2 poster, liner notes by the cult frontman Joao Gordo, lyrics and never seen before photos! Musically you already know what you get: a knife whirlwind of blistering Crossover/Thrash/Hardcore delivered with fury, precision and unequalled intensity!!