Expulser - Fornications - 12-inch EP

Record Label: Greyhaze Records
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Expulser is a Death/Black Metal band started in the small city of Lavras in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The band had a short-lived, yet well punctuated career, having released a few demos and two, very notable records. Their debut full-length, The Unholy One and a split EP dubbed Fornications. Despite its quick appearance and disappearance from the Brazilian Metal scene, Expulser was able to make a strong and lasting impression with their two outings. Greyhaze Records is now reviving the Fornications EP in vinyl format. Expulser should please those into SARCOFAGO, MYSTIFIER, SEXTRASH, BLACK WITCHERY, BLASPHEMY, and BATHORY.


- 12-inch EP

- Available in black vinyl or transluscent red vinyl

- standard jacket

- includes an insert

- 180 grams


Side A

- Vomiting in Paradise

Side B

- The Offensor

- No Ressurrection