Aftermath - When Will You Die Demos 1986/1987 - Vinyl LP

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regular black vinyl edition (ltd to 400). 2 of the most successful American Thrash-core demos of the '80s for the first time on vinyl, remastered from the best quality sources existing for a never heard before audio quality. If you're looking for mind blowing FAST Thrash a la Wehrmacht/Soothsayer with a touch of Hardcore reminescent of Attitude Adjustment and Accüsed, this is absolutely a top notch pick. This record includes the "Sentenced to death" demo 1986, "Killing the future" demo 1987 and songs from their first show even recorded in 1986, 14 songs in total leaving you completely breathless. Tracks like "War For Freedom" & "When Will You Die" were both featured on the British ‘Metal Forces’ magazine compilation LP ‘Demolition: Scream Your Brains Out’ in 1988 Metal Forces. The LP featured tracks from Leviathan (Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse/Six Feet Under) on vocals), Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Anacrusis & Atrophy. The appearance on the Metal Forces' compilation further expanded the band's international appeal. Here at FOAD Records' headquarters "Killing the future" is one of our top 10 favourite cassettes in our entire Thrashcore discography of the '80s, so we strongly recommend you this LP! Includes inner sleeve with photos, flyers, articles on 80s fanzines and lyrics.