Hot Graves - Knights In White Phosphorus - CD

Record Label: Northern Horde Records
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Finally out "Knights In White Phosphorus" by the almighty Hot Graves of Florida. With an utterly brutal amalgamation of Hellhammer-smashed grimness, d-beaten thrash-crustiness, blackened croaks of the highest order, and a punk-as-fuck attitude - what's not to worship? As the band themselves proclaim: "IS YOU READY?"

Mastered by: James Murphy (Daath, Aborted, Abigail Williams, Skinlab, Arckanum)

01. Dirthrash 
02. Fully Charged 
03. Worship The Goat 
04. Bad Blood 
05. I Claim Your Blood (In The Night) 
06. Blood Eruption 
07. Total War 
08. Kill For Satan 
09. Dirge ov the Apokalyptik Hordes ov the Toxik Damned 
10. Get Killed Tonight 
11. Rotted 
12. Scarred 
13. F.O.A.D. 
14. The Craving 
15. Desecration Time

Format: CD 
Genre: D-Beat, Crust-Black Metal-Punx 
Label: Northern Horde Records