Impurity - The Lamb's Fury

Record Label: Cogumelo
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One of the most sublime representations of all that is abject, disguting, and profane in the history of Black Metal. The Lamb's Fury is Impurity's first album and was originally released by Cogumelo Records in 1993 and, like many other releases by that mythical label, is considered today a a major classic in the genre. Greyhaze Records is proud to present Impurity's The Lamb's Fury in restored and remastered audio and with artwork faithful to the original release. Available on vinyl and cassette. Upcoming on CD format.


1 - Intro 
2 - Ecstasy Law 
3 - Malediction / Sekhmet 
4 - Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies 
5 - Darkness Path 
6 - The Firmament of Fire 
7 - Guests of the Infernal Pit 
8 - The Lamb's Fury 

Format: Cassette and vinyl
Genre: Black Metal 
Label: Greyhaze Records