Headhunter DC - Punishment at Dawn - CD

Record Label: Cogumelo
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The second album of these Brazilian Brutal Death Metal cult monsters, originally released in 1993, now finally re-issued and totally remastered. Eight tracks of punishing high class Metal of Death that made the scene thrill back then, plus a brutalizing cover version of Sepultura’s anthem “Morbid Visions” and 3 live killer tracks as a bonus.


1- Forgotten Existence 
2- Intense Infanticide 
3- Hallucinations 
4- Punishment at Dawn 
5- Bloodbath 
6- Searching for Rottenness 
7- Terrible Illusion 
8- Deadly Sins of the Soul 

Bonus Tracks 

9- Morbid Visions 
10- Forgotten Existence (live) 
11- Intense Infanticide (live) 
12- Deadly Sins of the Soul (live)


Format: CD 
Genre: Death Metal 
Label: Cogumelo