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The French rural tyrants are back, spitting their New Wave of French Black Metal in the face of mode..
Here is a split album between two of the most important band of the new wave of French neo-romantic ..
Originally recorded in gritty analog in 2010 and released earlier this year on CD by TRENCH HELL's T..
Since 1998 Baptism has casted its grim shadow over Finnish landscape. "Satanic Rituals" and "Sons Of..
Finally for the first time. CD version of magnificent "Evil Mysteries" 10". Including already classi..
BAPTISM is known as one of the most reliable Finnish black metal acts with it´s instantly recognizab..
heavily requested previous album now back in stock!! Elite Finnish black metal. ..
  Edmonton death horde, Begrime Exemious unleash their second album upon an unsuspecting..
The VERY FIRST Beherit debut studio album recorded back in 1990! You NEVER HEARD this recording o..
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