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It's Time to Face the Doomsday... and CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are here to meet the apocalypse head..
Calvary Death returns in the most brutal way to the Heavy Metal scene, 15 years after releasing '..
This masterpiece, with amazing graphics designed by Anderson LA from Natureza morta, presents 9 l..
Cauldron’s Debut. Short, sweet, to the f’n point – unforgettable tracks of true heavy metal T..
305 Death Squad 001. Limited to 100 copies. Pro-duplicated discs.  TRACKLISTING: 1- ..
Certo Porcos is one of the most promising new bands of the mythical Brazilian underground scene. ..
Split CD between Brazil's Certo Porcos and Belgium's Agathocles ..
The first album by Warfare Noise Alum Chakal! Pure Brazilian Death thrash. Unmissable - IMPORT FR..
Chakal's latest. Pure Thrash! Format: CD  Genre:Thrash  Label: Cogumelo  ..
  Rising from the depths of "The Windy City"; Chicago's finest death/doom threesome Cian..
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