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Desolate atmospheres conjured through keyboards and raw black metal. ..
There are plenty of bands aiming to be the next anarchic entity in the realms of extreme metal whate..
British Heavy Metal from Winnipeg, Evil Survives delivers a pummelling 11 min EP. This record wil..
OUT NOW - SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! This is Sextrash's debut recording, which came out months before..
This split 7" celebrates ancient Evil Death Metal from America, from two of its most unsung horde..
Split 7-inch between Nunslaughter and Abigail ..
OUT NOW: Pressed on black vinyl. Comes with a cardstock lyrics insert. The mysterious Spanish ent..
After 4 years of missing in action, EVIL ARMY return to continue their mission of exterminating a..
  Formed in 1990, Sweden's Uncanny was an early progenitor of the Swedish death metal sc..
  Since their inception in 1985, Deceased has been an American metal institution; carryi..
OUT NOW! 1 sided picture record with exclusive cover songs from both bands for this release only!..
We call upon the spirit world to summon up the dead....  Often a fan favorite, the lo..
  Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the release of the first 7” from blackened d-bea..
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