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Iceland's Mannveira and the mysterious Ellorsith team up for this brand new 27 minute split. Each..
  "Imprecation of the failed and frightened; Drinking the intransigent bloodline of the ..
  Horrendous' 2010 demo titled "Sweet Blasphemies" was merely a brief showcasing of this..
  Formed in 2007, Paroxsihzem puts forth a harsh, dark, demented, and atmospheric form o..
Following a vicious four-track demo; Portland's Ritual Necromancy began the ground-work for their..
  Formed in 1990, Sweden's Uncanny was an early progenitor of the Swedish death metal sc..
  Vassafor was vomited forth from the Southern Abyss in the mid 90s, excreting musical v..
  VORUM springs from the poisoned waters around the scattered shores surrounded by the B..
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