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NOW SHIPPING Hailing from heat-scorched city of Rio de Janeiro, Hatefulmurder is one of the b..
OUT NOW: traditional JEWEL CASE CD. A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell, ..
  "Imprecation of the failed and frightened; Drinking the intransigent bloodline of the ..
OUT NOW: Pressed on black vinyl. Comes with a cardstock lyrics insert. The mysterious Spanish ent..
Total Cult LA Speed Metal from Katon and Crew!! First 2 Hirax Albums (Raging Violence 1985 / Hate..
OUT NOW - SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! - Finally available in North America! - Dynamic mastering au..
IMPORT FROM BRAZIL Cogumelo/Greyhaze are bringing back one of South America's biggest Metal class..
OUT NOW - SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! Cult Brazilian release! An integral part of Cogumelo Records' in..
  Holocausto - Death Soldier - T-shirt   The Short sleeve shirt has the "De..
  Horrendous' 2010 demo titled "Sweet Blasphemies" was merely a brief showcasing of this..
  Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the release of the first 7” from blackened d-bea..
HOT GRAVES exclusive DESECRATION TIME T-SHIRT. Format: T-shirt  Label: Greyhaze &n..
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